Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's been over a week since the magazines got shipped out to our distributor, and I already know that Diamond Comics shipped out, as I got some e-mails about issues coming in last week.

So I have been looking at the local bookstores for the Journal, and there were none to be seen...

until tonight, when I found two issues of BrickJournal at the Barnes and Noble in Cary, NC! I bought one (well, why not?) and also bought an NXT book - was I happy. Also, the magazines showed up in the LEGO store in Atlanta and are selling!

So now I am one happy camper, although the mag may be pretty hard to find, as Ingram Distribution ordered over 1000 issues, and they have 800 B&N stores to distribute to. This doesn't take into account the other stores Ingram handles that sell books, which is why it took me a while to find the mag. And I found the Journal in the Craft/Hobbies section of the magazines (in the front!) -it was sorta staring at me when I found it.

To those European readers who ordered online through 1001 bricks, you got your issues before anyone else - which  is pretty cool! Turns out international shipping had to be done through a shipper faster than the domestic shipper, so y'all beat us:-)

So if you are in the US, start looking at your local B&N, or check out the local comics shop - some have extras from orders.

And if you happen to be close to a LEGO store, go there!