Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Seen on the Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The model was built by a couple of AFOLs who were recently in BrickJournal!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doing more than building...

Kudos to LEGO's Enfield Office and Heidi Bailey!

BrickJournal will have an article on this.

You can find MOCs at the most unusual places...

2008-10-14 08:46:07 -0400, originally uploaded by jmenomeno.

One thing I do in my off time once a year is judge the LEGO models at the North Carolina State Fair. Most of the time, there are a variety of MOCs built by kids (there are two age categories and no adult category) and the ever-present entry of a set that is being submitted as a MOC.

This year, there was a MOC that was outstanding. Built by a teenager, this has a lot of nice work - the flowers are dogwood, and the butterfly is a swallowtail.

progress reports....

I'm working on quite a bit now, but it's always nice to add some real information to such a vague statement, so here's what I am doing...

BrickJournal Compendium 2 - Am in production on it, and am about 1/3 done. I compiled issues 4 and 5 and am repaginating (changing page numbers - easy - revising contents - not so easy). Tasks left: cover layout, composing the introduction, getting a foreward from someone. Possible ideas: Index for book. Currently, this is the priority project.

BrickJournal 4 (printed) - Am rounding up articles and editing/proofreading...about 20% done. Waiting for a couple of articles and need to write some too. 

BrickJournal 5 (printed) - Created cover design. 

BrickJournal 6 (printed) - Cover design pending.

Big goal for 2010: Bimonthly publication. This could be earlier, but all the compendiums need to be completed. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They actually DON'T have knees!

Jason Freeny of Moist Production.com created this rather detailed anatomic diagram of the typical LEGO minifigure.

Monday, October 13, 2008


got way too much to do, but I'm posting on the blog....

One of the great things about working on BrickJournal is that I never know what to expect for articles. Over the years (really) I have gotten articles from many people and places, and it's always been a fun process of discovery and construction to make an issue of BrickJournal.

There's other things going on too - BrickJournal is helping to spread the word of the community by assisting in promoting events and being part of a community event calendar. I had one by myself, but that became a real chore to do...now the calendar has been made available as a community effort, and BrickJournal is helping.

Working the LEGO Group has been an ever-evolving process, and one that is becoming more exciting as each issue is released. We have had some exclusive things presented, and will continue to do so...in fact there's a surprise for next issue!

so the question is:

What do you want in BrickJournal?

Edible minifigs?

Check this out.

LI II by Bryce McGlone

DSC00521.jpg, originally uploaded by jmenomeno.

This sculpture is the cover to Issue 3 of BrickJournal and was at Brickcon, where it won an award. thanks to some bright lighting and a little overexposure to the camera, the detail is a little easier to see. This sculpture stands about 4 foot tall..

Almost minifig scale Seattle Space Needle

DSC00421.jpg, originally uploaded by jmenomeno.

Seen at Brickcon - this is 8-9 feet tall, and has a lighting system and working elevators!

New digs...

Well, AOL Journals is going away at the end of October, so the blog had to be migrated. Everything has been imported here, so this will continue BrickJournal's adventures for a while:-)

Since I'm here, here's some quick updates on BrickJournal stuff:

I'm workng on the second compenduim, which will have Issue 4 and 5. This will be another a big book, like the first compendium. these are theonline issues, so Issue 4 is about LDraw and Issue 5 is the BIG issue. So what does this entail? Well, it's amatter of checking all the photos to see they are print ready, dropping all pages on one file (InDesign doesn't merge files), renumbering, and reworking the contents. then there's writing an intro and finding a person to write a foreward....

Issue 4 is being worked on too - stories are coming in and production is getting online. It's a frantic but fun time for me (haven't done a compendium and a mag at the same time, so I will have some all-niters...more than usual).

Before this, I was at Brickcon - a fun, but exhausting time! Exhausting because I talked all night with some great people. Every convention is a chance to meet up with new friends and old, so it's long hours....

Brickcon is the most relaxed convention out of the US conventions - even with all the public attendees this year. Over 7000 people came to see the displays over the two public hours. For the attendees, the keynote was a peek at how sets are designed at the LEGO Group, which was really informative.

Pics coming....