Thursday, October 16, 2008

progress reports....

I'm working on quite a bit now, but it's always nice to add some real information to such a vague statement, so here's what I am doing...

BrickJournal Compendium 2 - Am in production on it, and am about 1/3 done. I compiled issues 4 and 5 and am repaginating (changing page numbers - easy - revising contents - not so easy). Tasks left: cover layout, composing the introduction, getting a foreward from someone. Possible ideas: Index for book. Currently, this is the priority project.

BrickJournal 4 (printed) - Am rounding up articles and editing/proofreading...about 20% done. Waiting for a couple of articles and need to write some too. 

BrickJournal 5 (printed) - Created cover design. 

BrickJournal 6 (printed) - Cover design pending.

Big goal for 2010: Bimonthly publication. This could be earlier, but all the compendiums need to be completed. 

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