Monday, October 13, 2008


got way too much to do, but I'm posting on the blog....

One of the great things about working on BrickJournal is that I never know what to expect for articles. Over the years (really) I have gotten articles from many people and places, and it's always been a fun process of discovery and construction to make an issue of BrickJournal.

There's other things going on too - BrickJournal is helping to spread the word of the community by assisting in promoting events and being part of a community event calendar. I had one by myself, but that became a real chore to the calendar has been made available as a community effort, and BrickJournal is helping.

Working the LEGO Group has been an ever-evolving process, and one that is becoming more exciting as each issue is released. We have had some exclusive things presented, and will continue to do fact there's a surprise for next issue!

so the question is:

What do you want in BrickJournal?

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