Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yep, I should be working.

am doing some almost final stuff for the Journal - I say almost because I have to paginate the whole thing.

But I have to stop and rest for a moment...I have done about 80 pages of layout in the past four days...and there's a bit more coming in.

There are going to be some different articles in the Journal this time around. We got a display article from China and FLL in Jamaica, and some really nice and longer than usual articles from some events. There are some articles on builders and building, and more instructions!

Am I excited? Yes I am! Tired, but excited. The layouts are falling into place, and I got some last minute pictures for a story and am writing up a report...always to the wire.

But I have to say I completely love it!

PS The MINDSTORMS NXT Idea book is out, and I plan to review it!

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