Sunday, October 7, 2007

NWBC Day 2

The second day pf the convention was a pretty busy one - this was a public day and at 11 am, the place was opened for everyone to see.

Some neat things were around to see:

The Crate Contraption - Gus Janssen built a course for a bunch of robots to move crates of soccer balls around, including a crane, and a few vehicles.

FIRST LEGO League - The Gothic Lawn Gnomes team was working on their robot for this year's challenge!

Mecha Godzilla - (there were two of them!)

Moonbase - some modules and construction areas - and more than a few space craft,

Train/Town - Nice buildings and skyscrapers.

And yacking with everyone is a lot of fun.

Afterward, saw Transformers the Movie at the IMAX. Wow.

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