Thursday, December 31, 2009

and welcome 2010!

With the new year literally around the corner, I'm happy to be looking forward to what lies ahead.

BrickJournal is still growing, and now there's a podcast available on iTunes, and there's more coming! It's a very exciting time for the magazine as new media is becoming part of BrickJournal's expanding mission.

And we're doing something else new...a new event. It'll be another chance for the LEGO fan community to meet and show their talents.

So it's a time to move forward. I am very happy and proud of what has happened so far, but more importantly, I am very happy to have met so many people this year who share our hobby. I am most excited about meeting all teh people that have yet to be discovered - the AFOLs who only lurked online and decided to come to an event, the AFOLs I know all over I will no doubt see again, and the AFOLs to be we are showing how to build and create.

So Happy New Year to everyone!

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