Monday, January 10, 2011

Have a contest for y'all...

I got a set of 3 Smallworks iPhone cases (transparent, black, and white) to give away, so I am doing a sorta quick building contest. What do you need to build? A phone. Or rather, what you think a phone will become in a decade. You can use real bricks, or LEGO DIgital Designer, or LDraw - this is open! Send photos of what you think a phone will become to (admin at brickjournal dot com) by January 31, 2011 and the best three will get a random Smallworks case...and if they are good enough, I'll publish them in BrickJournal. If you haven't an iPhone, I do have some other prizes that I have on hand. I'll announce those later. Questions? Drop me a line at the address above. If not - have fun and good luck!!

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