Monday, May 7, 2007

BrickJournal Website Objectives

So in working out what should be happeningwith BrickJournal, the media group, some thoughts have come to mind:

The Media Group will have different areas that will touch upon the hobby and the community. Each area will take advantage of the strengths of the medium - and be able to provide information leads to the other branches of the group.

There are three branches determined so far:

Printed Media
- BrickJournal the magazine and other publications. The mission of BrickJournal is to document and promote the LEGO building community and hobby with articles and photography. BrickJournal is also an avenue for interested people to find out about some of the things that happen behind the scenes with the LEGO Group. In time, BrickJournal will release books that have themed compilations of articles, such as space articles, or instructions.

Digital Media - With BrickJournal the website, there will be a platform to promote the community at a different level than the magazine - in this case, the website will be more immediate than a publication that comes out quarterly. will be able to push coverage on a new set or sets, cover an event (even with video), or post news about the LEGO Group or community. In this way, BrickJournal would be a news service, but its hallmark would be accuracy. BrickJournal wouldn't leak, but we would be first to get the news out!

Another direction being strongly considered is having a video how-to by a Space builder showing how he builds and what he thinks about while building is something I would like to see done. The same could be done with NXT building, or castle building...

Events - This is the most ambitious, and possibly the most rewarding - doing outreach events for community and public.

Footwork for all of these has already begun, but it's going to be a long road. One of the things that needs to be created is a Video Corps of peopl who take footage of events and interviews. That's a tough challenge. But steps are being taken, even if they are baby steps!

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