Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm not dead yet!


I have been very quiet as of late, but there are a few reasons behind the silence....

I'm getting articles and photos for BrickJournal and startingto put things together - already, there are things thathave been put int layout and already, there are neat surprises I didn't expect!

Also the events that I have gone to have swamped me with pics and now writing I get to do - woo hoo! I get to write four articles, which is a little more than I am used to writing. Wow..

There's also BrickWorld - the event that is hapening in Chicago. I'm doing a little of the planning on this convention and it looks tobe a really neat event. I plan to be there with some models (which is a new one - I haven't built in a while) and with a presentation or two.

I think that I am also a bit winded because of all this - it's not easy keepin up a pace that allows me to get  to report and edit BrickJournal. My staff helps me out, and that is very much appreciated, but it's still an effort.

But guess what! Things may get even bigger! Some nice developments have happened that I can't say just yet (bad luck to presume - best to wait).

The website needs to get worked on, so I will be devoting time to that as BrickJournal 8 gets set up. Those interested in contributing to the website can dro  me a line, as I am looking for videos and links to podcasts.

I'm also starting a new dialogue with the LEGO Group to get more information and sets up on the site and also for the magazine.

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