Saturday, November 3, 2007

Finding out some things...

BrickJournal will be selling compendiums of back issues 1- 9 next year. Since they will be books, the compendiums will have a little more accessibilty internationally.

Also, BrickJournal has distribution set up with Diamond Comics Distributors. If you buy comics, you probably know who these people are. In the US and Canada, they are big. DCD also has a catalog (Previews) to order that it sells - and BrickJournal will be listed in the December issue with TwoMorrow's other publications. You can order it at a comic shop and not worry about shipping!

Diamond also distributes overseas, but I do not know what countries it specifically ships to (Europe, Asia are mentioned). I guess the best idea ids to visityour local comic shop and see if they carry Previews magazine. If they do, you can get the Journal.

also is going to distributed by Ingram Periodicals, which works with the big booksellers, like Barnes and Noble.

Am working on other international distribution channels. More info as I get it.

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