Monday, November 5, 2007

The word is getting out....

BrickJournal has been noticed by some different places - not the usual LEGO-oriented sites. This is the result of having the publisher work on the marketing.

I'm very happy with this - part of BrickJournal has been being unconventional. To be an outreach, the magazine has to reach out. And there are a few things that care not noticed by the AFOL community that others notice. Like this notice.

I have a degree in Environmental Design, with a core study in Industrial Design, so it's a really nice compliment for BrickJournal to be called a "slick" magazine. Especially since my grades were not that good at all at  Design School.

There's also another note over here.

And this came from a press release from the publisher. Did I prod him to do this? No. Did I push for anything? No.

I let him do what he does best. And that has been the key to BrickJournal's success. I set goals and let people loose to reach them. I haven't been disappointed with what I have gotten with that approach.

Speaking of which, some articles are coming in....things are naturally going up a notch.

I'm pretty happy.

Oh yes, for those wondering: The magazine starting out will be 80 pages plus cover. Once we get some advertising, page counts can go higher.

And there appears to be a ship date: February 19, 2008.

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