Saturday, June 7, 2008

So many magazines....

HISPABRICKS now has a mag, to join RailBricks on the scene of LEGO fan publications. It's been pretty interesting to see new mags come up and see the differences they all have.

It's a pretty good sign to see this expansion happen  - it's an indicator that the desire is there to make a mag that addresses specific audiences. And this isn't unique - there has been a magazine done by the Brickish Association (in the United Kingdom) and FREELUG (France) used to have one, I think. The Dutch LEGO club has been working on one also.

I'll be meeting with one of the editors to HISPABRICKS mag at Brickworld to discuss possible sharing of info and articles - and am looking forward to it. I'm interested in working with other publications, and see it as a win-win for everyone. Just gotta step forward:-)

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