Sunday, November 1, 2009

Odds and ends...

For those using Power Functions motors and controllers, there is an updated version that is superceding the previous version. The hardware is the same - it's the firmware that is different. You can get more information at TechnicBRICKS For the most part this will not affect the casual user yet but for those who are using the NXT with Power Functions, this adds more potential functionality.

If you want to see a nice model go to this link. It's not very often that real objects are modeled, and this is pretty cool in that the model does everything but actually work.

And if you are a Mac user and play with building LEGO models with Bricksmith, there is a new version out that you can get here! I use it for making models (yes, I did build Wall-E, but it's a 2000 part model!!) and use it with LPub to make instructions.

And there is progress with the website going on...more in a bit on that.

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