Friday, June 25, 2010


It started with a crowd...

on the Wednesday before the event started.

Almost 800 LEGO fans young and old drove, flew, or found some way to get to Chicago, Illinois to attend Brickworld 2010, one of the largest LEGO fan events in the United States. In the three years since Brickworld began, the event has grown to massive proportions, overtaking the space of it's host hotel.

Setup took place over the days before the weekend - Saturday and Sunday served as public display days. In the days before, though, setup wasn't the only thing going on. On Wednesday, there was a game

The Monster Chess game that has been seen online went through a rehearsal at the hotel restaurant. The bodies of the chess pieces weren't placed yet, but were marked by mosaics of their 3D counterparts. The man standing in the back is Steve Hassenplug, the leader of the team that built the set.

Here's what the interior of a chess piece looks like. The big brick on the side is an NXT brick - the brains of the piece. The wheels are on the top and bottom.
Another view of the game.

On Thursday, there was more, as presentations and workshops took place, such as:

Arthur Gugick talking about LEGO architecture. This seminar had about 150 attendees.

Here he is with some of his models.

There were models starting to show up for display too.

As well as other models, like this RC car built with LEGO components.

But there's more. Stay tuned.

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