Friday, June 11, 2010

Peeking at Brickworld

The largest LEGO fan convention in the US is going to be happening in Chicago next week! there will be hundreds of attendees showing up with their models. I go there every year, mostly to see what's up and to meet fellow fans. This year, there are some things that will be going on that will be worth going to:

1. Monster chess. Developed by MINDSTORMS genius Steve Hassenplug and a team of fellow NXT builders, this FUNCTIONING chess game features LEGO renditions of pawns, rooks and knights, do name a few chess parts. You can see all the information and video here.

2. The boat race. Ever see a LEGO boat in competition? You will here.

3. City of Lights.


One night, attendees get to see the lights go down and many models lit internally.

I will be there this year taking pics and video, so start looking here for news during the event!

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BenoƮt KAYSER said...

Hello, for you, who can't go to the States....
Come with yours friends at Fana'Briques 2010 in France (in Rosheim, close to Strasbourg).
Next week-end, 26 & 27 JUNE 2010.

2500sqmeters, 100% LEGO, more than 5 nationalities of AFOLs.

infos :