Wednesday, November 1, 2006

BrickJournal in Asia

In yacking on a discussion board, I found out that LEGO Shop at Home doesn't get to Asia.

This is an upsetting thing to the Asian AFOLs, and I can understand that - one of the possibilities of marketing BrickJournal is through Shop at Home. How will the Journal get to Asia?

Definitely a question to ponder, especially since Asia is a place I would like to see articles from.


kirstenlynch74 said...

Is it possible to partner up with a large BrickLink store in the Asian Market for magazine distribution, or partner up with a domestic BrickLink store who is willing to distribute to the Asian market?  Since S@H has a HUGE Asian gap currently, it could be one way around that until TLC comes around and realizes that they're missing out on a huge market by not including that area of the world in their business plan!


jmenomeno said...

BrickJournal 4 files got sent to Diana Wong for that very reason!