Monday, November 20, 2006

People I meet...

This past weekend, I was in DC again to  work on a layout at an event at the National Air and Space Museum. I love doing stuff here because the layouts are much more free-form, and I can look at the ohter displays onsite and learn a thing or two about space travel. Always fun, and always  enlightening.

This time we had a visitor...actually a visitor and his grandfather.

The grandfather is Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, and it turns out that he is a regent of the Air and Space Museum. He's a very friendly person and chatted with use for a little bit as his grandson built at the build area.

We also got requests to do robotic demonstrations at some local schools, which were very unexpected. But it's an indicator of how much attention LEGO stuff gets if put in a public place.

The robotics were a nice surprise to build - Clifton Chambers and his father built a robot and I had 2 at the display. One was a forklift that was a little tempermental, andthe other I built onsite was a sound activated rover - I wanted something that would respond to the kids that showed up. Clifton set up the program (all of three steps) and I built a  rover using a ball as a caster (an idea that came from the MDP gang)

The result was this:

The robot are quickly got a crowd as a result.

Others involved with the display included Mike Harrod, Tony Perez, Travis Butler, Phil Moyer, and Kunie Devorkin.

Next up for me? Local Train layout!

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