Friday, November 10, 2006

What happened over the weekend

So here's where I was - I was at Potomac Mills, VA helping out with a LEGO store display with the DC train club.

Usually, there's at least one building that I builton the layout, but this time I did three.And it was an all weekend event, so I was going to occupy myself with my NXT. So I brought it to the display on Saturday and Sunday building a robot on a little display area.

I became a huckster for teh NXT, and it was pretty fun. Problem was, I couldn't build anything fun until Sundy...annd then programminng took an hour or so.

the end result was a forklift that picked up a pallet and moved it to another point and dropped it off....and it was a LOT of fun!

More later - off to Festival of the Masters in Florida!!

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