Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coming back...

I got back from FLL at 4's a long drive, even with company.

Went to the Atlanta LEGO store and spent some time there talkkin with Scott Lyttle and his manager. A lot of fun, and d ten we ate at a Thai place - very good food!

I drove through a storm front, so it was pretty intense driving at times. Just after Atlanta on I-85, I was going at a pretty good clip and saw a truck some distance ahead of me brake and swerve. I tapped my brakes and kept my eyes on the road and ahead I saw some large round objects, and I slowed down toget a better look and get ready to avoid - and I did.

The SUV behind me wasn't paying so much attention and slammed on thier brakes...and through the rear view mirror, I saw the vehicle spin a couple of times and stop. Tommy (my navigator) heard the skid and looked back - he missed the whole thing.

And that kept me awake for an hour or so...

More later, includingpics!

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