Friday, April 6, 2007

Website progress report... is in its first stages of growth, with intial pages being placed, and a site map slowly growing.

While some things are obvious to do (archives, for example), there are other things that are, well....not so obvious. The service that I am using also is having some interesting issue - at this point, I need to get some forms up, and they can't do it yet. Hm. And photos can only be seen by members of the webiste (which isn't a bad thing, but not necessarily a good thing either)

All of the article copy to Issue 7 has been placed, but because of the photo problem, there are only a few pix so far. All of them have also been tagged so a user can search by author, issue, article title or subject.

I will also be placing galleries of pics I didn't use in this so everyone can see more than the magazine:-). Not to mention video if I can get it - I plan to do video of FLL next week, for example.

And BrickJournal Germany is already beginning, as well as BrickJournal Italy. I will be doing what I can to creat an international site, so I am open to ideas and thoughts on that.

Both BrickJournal Germany and Italy are going under BrickJournal, but I will not the the webmaster - community leaders of hte respective countries are working with me on this. I really appreciate their efforts  and hope that  other  countries will become  represented in the magazine.

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