Saturday, August 18, 2007

LEGO Serious Play Released!

One aspect of LEGO building that is starting to become noticed is the process behind it.

I'm not talking about the simple "how I do it"process, but the play that goes into the building. We as builders do amazing models, and there's a process behind it that can be applied to our work environment.

I have been exposed to this in college on a broad sense - I have a degree in a creative field, so I have been taught the value of play in brainstorming and idea creation. for me it's called ideation. It turns out t hat LEGO building is a more 3-D way of doing this ideation. I have been trained in sketching and drawing my ideas - LEGO  lets me build my ideas.

The use of LEGO building in professional environments is now a growing idea - and  LEGO Serious Play does training sessions and workshops for people and companies interested.

They just started a newsletter last year called Pl@yground, and the newest issue can be found here:

Issue 2

For me it's interesting because LSP makes a bridge between the 'serious' work ethic (that most companies seem to have - you MUST work 37 hours, and you HAVE to do it the corporate way) and play. If more companies did it, there would be a bit more positive work environments, and that leads to good things for companies.

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