Saturday, August 18, 2007

More coming...

I have about 20 pages of notes for the week that I have to simmer down to a workable form.

Wednesday was a lot of fun in meeting Tim Ainley, then doing lunch with some LEGO designers - what fun! I got some hints about upcoming sets (nothing big) and relaxed for the first time since I got in.

I met Megan Rothrock and Mark Stafford -  Megan is working to get in LEGO (and she is qualified) and Mark is in Playthemes and is working on some stuff....he did some ExoForce things and worked on some items in the next year. We all yacked and then got a peek at a model that Jamie Berard is working on for 1000-steineland in a week - he's building a city hall. Beautiful, too.

Aftert hat, it was off to meet Lisbeth Vallther Pallesen at the Administrative office. A video interview was scheduled, and this time I was ready. Got the video and had the questions (which I glanced at) and got set up, and started up the video, and....mispronounced Lisbeth's name.

Three times.

In a row.

Geez, you'd think I would be more professional:-)

I got a 45 minute interview that will be edited for goofy mis-takes and flubs. But this interview, like Jørgen's Vig Knudstorp's, was a lot of fun to do and will be thing stat will be seen hopefully soon on the website in some form.

After that, went to a sorta barbecue with the New Business Group and ate and played goofy (and I mean goofy:-)) games with LEGO building, trivia quizzes and otehr stuff....and the there I met some more people...including the manage of the #D department. And that was a cool discovery!!!!!

And there was one more that I can't talk about at all..........

Pictures will be coming later today from my visist - not much really except for the Idea House visit. Billund is....small. So photos after the first trip are not all that exciting.

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