Monday, August 6, 2007

Looking ahead...

The site has been launched, and there's still much to be done.

Past issues have to be uploaded, and new content needs to be placed.

It's nice to know that the site is being used - I got a note about a person who went to the  Chinese LEGO display because it was on the BrickJournal page. I'm pretty happy with that because it shows that the site works.

I should note that the news from that display came from the organizers and was sent directly to the BrickJournal e-mail address. This was something that didn't come from anyone in the community - it came from outside. A very good sign to me.

mission is to show off the best of the community, and of what is going on with the hobby - many in the community believe that their theme is the community and center their views on that perception.

BrickJournal doesn't narrowcast. As editor, I firmly believe that we benefit from cross-pollination and exploring what is going on. And there's a lot.

While there are train shows, there are also art exhibitions, displays and robotics workshops going on all over. Some are small, but some are very large in scope - all of them work to bring awareness to the hobby in their areas. The Journal should be looking for these events and publicizing, and by using the calendar and articles, it can.

On another note, I get to go on a road trip this coming weekend.

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