Monday, October 12, 2009

Caption Contest Winners!

This past weekend, we held a caption contest with prizes from DK Publishing. Here are the captions that won a LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Minipak (a copy of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary and a launch event t-shirt):

By Alfred Jr:
I find your lack of height disturbing.

by Edward:
How come I always get stuck with R2?
Where's my bikini-clad slave Leia?

by inkblob:
You can see here, the Death Ball orbiting the forest moon of Encrab.

and the winning caption of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Megapack
(LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, one launch event T-shirt, one San Diego Comic-Con postcard pack, and a Darth Vader minifigure):

by wyndryder:
That's right, son. Now run up and kick it!

I need mailing addresses for all the winners to send their prize packages, so send your mailing info to:
Many thanks to all who entered and also to DK Publishing for providing prizes!


Alfred-jr said...

Thanks for doing this, Joe. It was a cool contest! (You should have an email from me, now!)

wyndryder said...

Received my prize pack today! Thanks again to Joe, BrickJournal, DK Publishing, and anyone else who was responsible. Awesome!