Friday, October 9, 2009

Of Sets and Contests...

The response from Alfred about his return to building reminds me of a goofy comment I made about a set...

I was asked about the smaller Millenniun Falcon set that came out about a month ago. I bought it when it arrived on the shelf, so a friend wanted a review.

I told him that it was a pretty nice set with a lot of parts for building other stuff. When asked if I liked this set over the Ultimate Collector's version of the Falcon, I quickly answered tha I liked the smaller much better. Why?

It's more swooshable. Really.

On another note, the contest for the Mega and mini packs is going to be a (drum roll)....
wait for it....a CAPTION contest!

I'll be posting pics late tonight, so the idea is to come up with the funniest caption - best one gets the mega prize, and the next best 3 get the mini packs. And yes, I plan to have more than one photo. So see ya soon!

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