Thursday, March 22, 2007

BBC Budget LEGO?

Eurobricks first mentioned this, but there hasn't been an effort on finding this online, so I did a check and found this:

The 2007 Budget in LEGO

Pretty fun way to present a rather dry subject.

Other LEGO related subjects on BBC:

Themed LEGO - Star Wars
(dated August 20, 2001)
A review of the Star Wars sets that is complete for that time.

LEGO, Camera, action!
(dated October 16th, 2001)
Nottinghamshire school students get involved in a national filmmaking competition  with Movie Maker sets as prizes.

I Love 1960
Seen at Brighton Toy Fair for the first time.

LEGO to cut jobs and shift plants (dated June 20, 2006)
Article on announcement to outsource production.

£20,000 of Lego stolen from lorry (dated November 15, 2005)
Short article on a large robbery.

You can see much more here.

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