Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holy smoke!! I'm building again!!

Yeah, it's been a while, but I am starting to get back to building...

my latest is the SeaShell, a Sea Monkey hermit crab:

I've been wanting to build a hermit crab for a LONG time - it's a real building challenge - the shell is a major challenge and a crab that fits??

Finding the Stingrays disk part started me thinking, and it took a couple of days of thinking, but I got the above. To be honest, the crab is a little too big really, but the look really worked in a way that I really liked.

I added some weapons on it here:

but it gets a little cluttered. The problem is that there are too many antennas all over it at this point.

With this, I had to come up with a background story - the Sea Monkeys wasnted to develop some beast of burden to move things, and they chose the hermit crab. For something like the recon task, one of these could be placed and it could keep watch for days.

This also has a limited land range, which is good for the Sea Monkeys.

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