Sunday, March 25, 2007

LEGO Digital Designer @.0

Playing with LDD, and it's nicely faster than LDD 1.6!

I can build on it much faster with the speed woked up, and the connections are smarter.

Some other improvements:

The hinge function now shows the rotation direction.
Rotation of the model can now go to the horizon line.
For a Mac, the Mac command functions (cut, paste, undo) work.
The price of a set is internally calculated - you don't go to the website and download the set for pricing.
Building area is pretty much unlimited.
Some new parts.

Some odd things:
No piece counts to your models.
Some parts left the inventory.

I haven't played with the instructions yet.

A quick tip: If you build like me, I go all over the place with  palettes to find pieces. One way to eliminate the constant looking is to find the parts that you use most commonly and put them by your model. Then you can use the clone tool and get as many of that part when you need it without having to hunt.

And a big question: In the view screen, there's a button for animation....what does that do, as it's greyed out so it can't be used?

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