Friday, December 1, 2006

Back and recovering...

Got back late last night from Manchester (the flight from JFK Airport was delayed 4 HOURS- and two were in the plane!!!) and am in a recovery mode.

A lot of stories have been sent to me for the Journal, and it's dawning on me that this issue will be a big issue - this is one of those times where almost everyone who I inquired this snowballed.

I also have a ton of photos from the Millyard - the irony fro me is that there were a few pics so far online of the dedication in the local news, but most pics were of Dean Kamen and the Governor. I got some pics of Kjeld and everyone else. I also got some pix to do pano shots of the Millyard, yes, it's that big!

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kirstenlynch74 said...

Hey Joe!  I didn't forget about the article I promised you!  My interviewee managed to get really sick (she couldn't even make it down for our COLTC meeting this past weekend!) so she wasn't able to complete my questionnaire in time.  She is very excited to do the article, though, and we will get back to work on it as soon as she is feeling up to it!  Since we missed this issue, pencil us in for the next issue!!

Have a very happy holidays!!