Thursday, December 7, 2006

First look at display space

Got to see the space for Bricking Bavaria - setup happens later today, so there only boxes of stuff coming in.

BB will have a Mindstorms room (yay) and a train layout (that will be sizable) and a Star Wars layout. The main room is pretty large (maybe 5000 sq feet) and has an upper loft. Star Wars will be in the loft, and the train display below. Mindstorms will have a room of its own.

There's going to be about 70 people showing, so it's goingto be really nice. I know the following is showing: HoMas church replica and Malle Hawking's aircraft carrier. I also learned that there will be a mountain where atrain enters and spirals up and exits out the mountain. There will aslo be lighted town spaces and vehicles.

Seeing the boxes and peeking inside has already gotten me excited and I cannot wait to see everyone come in and start setting up.

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