Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Idea House pictures...

Here's some more pics from the Idea House - it was neat to see old sets so well-preserved on display...

like this duck --this is one of the classic wood toys.

The pic above gives you an ideas as to how some of the displays were set up - the toys are in a shelf that is between glass panels - which display quotes and information. Very nice presentation.

This is one of the open set displays of the LEGO System...the basebard is fiberboard and the cars are not yet LEGO-based. Neither are the trees.

4.5v train set. I referenced these as 12v - I was VERY wrong!

Duplo makes an appearance!

One of the City open setups. In the background is a 4.5v train.

and that is one of the modern set displays. City is in front, Star Wars in the back.

What's neat is the display area setup is literally a walk back through time, from the present to the beginning. And at the beginning there is a room devoted to the AFOL community that will have displays by the Danish AFOL club, Byggepladen. (Edit: I mistakenly listed Byggepladen as a Dutch club - thanks for the catch, Tim!)

More pictures will be in BrickJournal.


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