Monday, December 11, 2006

Bricking Bavaria Day 2 and Billund...

I will add more to this when I get back to the states.

Simply put, I got pretty darned drunk.  Those who know me know I really do not drink, so this is a sign that either a) I completely lost my mind, or b) I was really comfortable in my surroundings. It was b - as my car was nowhere near me, so the worst I could do was fall out on the street.

That said, it was even more fun with the last day - it was busy, but there was a nice energy about the show. Two TV networks showed up to the event and filmed the aorcraft carrier and church! And I met teh Dutch contingent - Klaas and Rick, and they are a great bunch!

The entire group was really generous and helpful to me, and I want to thanks all of them for making my visit a great one - one  that has me thinking about coming back next year!

But before the night was over, I wason a plane to Billund with Jan Beyer to talk to some people at the LEGO Group...and Jan wants a European bureau for BrickJournal. And well...why not?

off to work on a business item now.

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