Monday, June 25, 2007

And it's over...

What a great event!

Brickworld went off really well, and about 5000 public showed up to see what was going on. And yes it was crowded!

But it was also a lot of fun - there was a lot of meetings going on and a lot of social things happening.

A Cafe Corner building project resulted in a 19-story behemoth being one of the landmarks of the LEGO display (not to mention all of the Creator sets that were being shown)

There was MINDSTORMS Sumo and Indy 5.0 running, so there was cheering going on in the room from time to time - and it only added to the festive feeling of the event.

Awrads were given out for outstanding MOCs and people, including the youngest and oldest attendee.

And there was a lot more...that I will be talking about in the next few days.

Til then, take a look at the pics!

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