Friday, June 29, 2007

A funny story...

Now you might think that I miss certain things - as in the DC event that happened this past weekend and the Indiana Jones sets coming from LEGO.

Well, I missed the DC event completely. Indy I knew about as a low-level rumor since the beginning of the year, but really couldn't say anything (no verification) until last week...when everyone else got the scoop.

And no I wasn't too terribly happy about it. I want BrickJournal to get the scoop, if only to keep the rumors down.

So I got back from Brickworld and sent some notes to the LEGO PR team, asking them to send me any materials on these things - and I got this:

whoa...that's not what I expected. It's better.

How neat is that? I'm looking forward to the Indy sets.....

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steviemoore83 said...

Lol..that is fantastic!