Thursday, June 14, 2007

BrickJournal 8 is out!

You can get it here.

It's a 120 page book this time. Could have been much more, but I had to push articles to the next issue.

There's been a lot that has happened with this issue. There's a lot of people to thank, including the budding layout staff.

It shouldn't be a secret that BrickJournal is working toward print - in fact everyone who reads this is well aware of it. Things have been falling into place slowly, and some final pieces are coming into play. The last hurdle is funding, and the wheels are starting to turn on that.

Having BrickJournal switch from a community (volunteer) magazine to one that generates revenue has been heavy on  my mind since day one of this wild adventure. There are those in the community who firmly beleive that the community deserves  everything for nothing.  And they constantly create noise on things  when they involve money. They believe that money equals control, so if they pay in, they expect to have a voice in how things are done.

I tend to believe the opposite. No one deserves a handout. We all earn our keep. That means we have to work to reach our goals and be ready to sacrifice if need be. BrickJournal is a great example of what can happen when people work together to a common goal. And yes, I am concerned about the possible consequences of going to print.

But I am also excited. BrickJournal will be able to do so much more once it becomes a printed publication - I hope that it will be a start to many other things for the community. And I hope to make something that benefits all of us, from the staff to the readers.

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