Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Really important things....

I had the privilege to a really neat person Monday.

His name is Marvin Hall, and he's a person attending Stanford.

What makes him so special?

He teaches MINDSTORMS to inner-city children in Jamaica.

Marvin is a person that has the Jamaican accent and dialect, and on the phone, he comes across as a really laid-back guy. But he's driven by a passion to give to his community.

In the past 5 years, he has taught at a school, then left to pursue his mission to bring robotics to Jamaica...and he has used his own resources to buy MINDSTORMS sets and teach.

People in Jamaica have noticed...and have given him funding to take kids to FIRST LEGO League tournaments in the US. And while things can get tight for him, things work out.

He doesn't back down from a challenge to his dream, and it's inspirational to talk to him. And BrickJournal will have a story on him - because one of BrickJournal's missions is to show people the power of the LEGO hobby.

For Marvin, it can change lives.

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