Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back from Enfield again...and a neat gift! Thanks SPIDERS!

and so there have been a lot of really neat things that were discussed at the LEGO office.

And I am a contractor! I'm working on an ongoing project with the LEGO Group! And it'll be something that will be seen pretty soon! I'll announce this when things are in place.

But here's a neat thing that happened to me today...

I had known Monday that I got a package, but was too late to get it until today. My flight to Enfield was a red-eye Tuesday morning and I got back Wednesday night. since I found the package notice, I had been wondering what I got. I didn't order what was it?

During this time I also cancelled a contract that I was working on for an event late in the year, so after I got the confirmation for the client, I thought that the package was the first check, which I was to return to them. No big deal. So I went to the office  and picked up a package.

It wasn't a check. It was a box from Hawaii,  from the coach of the SPIDERS FIRST LEGO League team I reported on in BrickJournal - it was a Christmas package! In it was a box of chocolate macadamia nuts (mmm), macadamia nut shortbread (mmmmm), and some special items:

1. A hat made from red and black foam straps - the black straps were stapled on the red strap so when it's worn it looks like a spider! This is the team headwear!

2. A red Hawaiian shirt, which is the same pattern as was worn by the team at FIRST LEGO League World in Atlanta, where I met the team. and to be honest, I wanted one of those shirts - how cool!

3. A postcard invite to the FLL Championship Tournament in Manoa, with pics of the team members I remember, and

4. A handmade card wishing me a merry Christmas and thanking me for writing the article.

It's a bit of a bummer to know that they won't be coming this year - SPIDERS were second place. But I  know what I will be wearing this year when I go to Atlanta.

I'll be wearing a red headstrap and red Hawaiian shirt.

Many thanks to the Dangs and to the team - and I hope they all had a great holiday and good start on the year!

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