Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Been quiet and sick...

Got a bug, and it gave me a sore throat and some therious congethion..no fun. I sound sorta like Darth Vader.

But I some things are going on that are worth note for BrickJournal and me.

I am now working as a contractor with the LEGO Group to provide articles to be used on the LEGO website about the community. How cool is that!

If you are wondering how this will impact the Journal, it will not affect things after initial setup is done - I need to set up a pipeline for articles I have to write (I am writing these, but they will be short articles) and work this with what I am doing now.

Concerning what is going on with me now, I am at the point where ther bottleneck to BrickJournal is...me.


I am the only layout artist on the magazine and while it is the one place I love to be, it's also becoming a place I cannot devote the time I need to maintain the standard I want. It's been a tough couple of weeks thinking on this, but I need to have a layout staff, and I need to let others get a chance to work on BrickJournal.

There's a little sadness that goes with this, as the last thing that had my fingerprints is the layout, and I am having to let it go. But as I have been getting other  projects to work with BrickJournal, my responsibilities have expanded. I also understand that while I started the mag, I don't have all the design sense or all the answers - change is something I want to see and promote.

So I am making a call for layout artists. It's volunteer, as things have been, and the layout artists should be using InDesign for layout. If anyone is interested, drop me a line here.

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