Friday, January 5, 2007

more stuff to do...

Next week, I go to Enfield to discuss more about BrickJournal.

It's been interesting. BrickJournal is definitely a thing that LEGO on the corporate level wants to become successful. But there have been some definite bumps on the road. The good thing is that things are still in the beginning stages, so change isn't too bad to deal with. At least right now.

The challenges facing the magazine are the resources and the reception by the audience.

Here's a quick number: 50,000.

That's a very round and average (off the top of my head) number of downloads per issue.

Now, the question is:

Who are these people? The first question that needs to be addressed is who exactly is getting the magazine. The number of AFOLs that are listed in LUGNET is over 3000. The number of people in Brickshelf is just over 50,000. The number of AFOLs is somewhere between. The other people are an unknown.

This is important because things like marketing and advertising can be looked at. BrickJournal in print has some implications - where does the online version go? Is there an online version? Is there a website?

I personally want a website with enhanced content that will be a tiein to the magazine. I also know realistically that the magazine lasting long term will be a challenge. Out of the 50,000, I expect less than a fourth to subscribe to the printed magazine.

The enhanced content would be video and interactive things onsite. But the big question is what will create a revenue stream for BrickJournal? And who would pay?

Definitely some questions to ponder.

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