Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So I built something!

Sometimes it's good just to build something to get it out of your system....

It's the Seasprite - a fast search and retrieval vehicle for Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea. It was designed as a response to the OGEL and Sea Monkey threat - a vehicle had to be developed that was fast and maneuverable.

The Seasprite has caterpillar drive motors that can be independently pivoted, allowing for high speed and tight turns.it's also quiet, so the stealthiness of the craft is very high.

Building notes:

Took me three hours of building to make the Seasprite, and I'm very happy with the shape. Sleek is hard to do, but it worked out pretty well this time. The engines worked out well, and building the wings in front was a nice challenge.

The cockpit is a little spare (needs work), but I think I will rework this after I get done with work to make it a military version.

You can see more pics here.

It's nice to know I can build still:-)

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