Monday, January 8, 2007

Ever have too many ideas?

I have way too much in my head right now.

The layouts for BrickJournal are coming along, and I am getting articles from last year's events. I'm also getting things set up for the next issue, and planning things for print (set for summer, though this is contingent with LEGO involvement).

I am also getting things set up for BrickJournal to become more immediate - I am starting to work toward having a dedicated website for the magazine that is more than just links to the mags - I want a site where faster news comes through. BrickJournal should be constantly posting articles on events and builders, and also introducing interactive things too. I want to see podcasts and video, all the things that can make the hobby more live than an article can.

It's a tough challenge, but strangely enough, it might be less expensive than making a magazine. Go figure.

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