Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Taking a look at the new sets (from the French Toy Fair)

EDIT: The photos were pulled off at request of LEGO France, so pay no attention to  the below:-)

Yeah, I spotted the pictures too. And much of this info is already known...

About the bulldozer - NICE! What's hard to see is the size of the motors and shape - they look round, like the really old motors. And while there are one size of motors, those aren't the only ones..

The remote is cool too because you can add switch handles. the battery pack is already available.

If you look at the end of the track frame, the sprocket part holding the tracks are a new larger part than the snowmobile sprocket.

The wiring is a flat 4-wide wire.

The Jedi Starfighter with hyperspace ring is slick - and the color is nice (dark blue!). It looks a little daintier (yes, daintier) than Jason Allemann's version, which can be found here. The Kit Fisto minifig is a nice plus too.

The Naboo Starfighter is nice...but is the UCS version from a couple years ago with all the chrome replaced with grey. The Droid fighter is good with the articulation.

The MTT is BIG. It's the Brown set! The Destroyer droid doesn't look foldable.

Mars Mission: Best set is the drop ship. Over all, this theme is a start toward space, but is disappointing.

Castle: Wow - I'm not a castle person, but this has got my attention. The castles are nice, and the skeleton sets are well-thought. Skeleton horses look likeone piece.

Town: Oh boy....but why is the blue boat hull one piece?????

The container carrier and recycling truck are really cool - and I expect to be getting those! Same with the cement truck.

Creator townhouse - ALRIGHT! Brownstones, garage,  a yard - VERY well done!

Creator truck - Not bad at all.

Technic - The harvester is pretty nice, but I like the truck better!

Technic Ferrari - ooooo......

THE RACERS HAVE SLAMMERS! Bout time! One thing I have been bummed about was that the small racers didn't have a launcher until recently with the Tuner Garage.

Exo-Force - the temple looks pretty sharp. And the mecha with the booster is REALLY cool!

but what about Bionicle????

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