Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Geez, writing is TOUGH!

This issue of BrickJournal is going along, but needs some articles.

From me. I've had writer's block. It's really frustrating to sit at my computer and stare at a blank screen for an hour - I could be doing something, well, constructive!

Sometimes the challenge is coming up with a new twist on a format - a new event report, for example. Sometimes it's trying to come up withthe right way to depict a subject. And sometimes it's trying to demystify a subject to a readable level.

That was the challenge for the article I just wrote for Serious Play, which is basically a workshop using LEGO building in a professional setting.

The problem to crack on this is to make a lot of really deep stuff distill to something readable - there's a lot of theory and a lot of studies that work withthis, but while i could make a long article, it wouldn't be readable to many.

It took me over a month to figure out an angle, and it was really simple. I was given a demonstration on a workshop, and while I wa going to talk about what it did, it dawned on me that I actually acted on what I discovered on the demonstration. So I created a testimonial of sorts.

It was a nice surprise to suddenly burst into writing last night because I knew where I was going.

And for you, try this little demo from Serious Play:

You will need at least one other person, and a secltion of the following parts:

some bricks (all colors), 2x, 1x,
a couple of axle connectors
some axles
some wheels
three minifigs with a smiley, a skull, and one more face.
random specialty parts.
and a stopwatch

No more than 30 parts altogether.

Now here's the test: In five minutes build a model of yourself. That's right, with the parts make a depiction of yourself.

When the time is up, tell your partner about what you built. ANd thenn let him/her to ask questions about your model. Then let the partner do the same.

You'll be surprised by what you build and what you learn.

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