Thursday, February 1, 2007

Getting prepared for a display....

So I gotta get ready for a local display (Morehead Planetarium, Chapel Hill, NC) and have to buid some stuff. Pile this into working on BrickJournal and some other stuff, and you get a pretty busy Joe!

The display is LEGOPalooza, and will have some displays from the local builders - and it's a lot of fun! I'll be bringing an NXT set to respond to sound (so kids can confuse it by clapping their hands) and assorted MOCs to show - some are sets (the Mobile Crane and the Construction Crane) and some are custom (helicopters and other vehicles)

There will also be Harry Potter stuff, Batman stuff, and Castle it's goingto be a pretty nice layout. There will be pics taken of course, so watch this space this weekend!

So I'm busy busy busy!

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