Wednesday, February 28, 2007


If you are interested in the business side of the LEGO Group, you need to go here.

Nice interview and the site is pretty slick - I would want the BrickJournal website to be like that:-)

BrickJournal 7 appears to be a smaller issue so far. Everytime I have said that, though, the issue grows beyond my expectations.

And the new layout people are teaching me a few new things:-)

I got to be at a train show last weekend at DC - and it was fun except for the snow. I provided my stable of buildings and there were sem things worth note - and I took pics, but haven't uploaded them.

The onlything that got me was that it seemed long...and I think it was a because I didn't demonstarte anything. I watched and took pictures and talked with the gang that was there, which was pretty fun - WAMALTC is a pretty cool group.

More later!

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