Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Collector's Party notes..

Didn't show any Technic (as it was in the Toy Fair display area a few blocks away). But saw the new Exo-Force, Bionicle, Batman and Spongebob line - the room was small, so the display was geared towardthe collectors. There peopl from ToyFar, Actionfigure,com, From Bricks to Bothans, and Raving Toy Maniac, among others.

So here's some more pics:

the rear of the Falcon...

with the cover down...

and Batman stuff -

the Batcopter and Scarecrow's biplane

that's a new motorcycle cowl! From the Battank set

and the Bat Tank! It has a dart gun in the back, like the Batwing!

More coming!

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