Sunday, February 18, 2007

Working thoughts...

Getting articles set up for layout and taking care of submissions, and ran across a couple of thoughts:

"With the ongoing growth of the LUGs we all have a responsibility to build and improve relationships both inside our own LUGs and perhaps more importantly between each other's LUGs, especially at international levels, it is very easy to allow small differences or misunderstandings between members and even LUGs to escalate to a situation that could undo all the hard work we have put into making such a success of the LUGs so far."

This is from a note on an article submitted by the club president from Portugal, and this is a very valid point. If the community is to prosper, we need to be establishing communications and relationships.

We also need to accept and appreciate our differences - our diversity should viewed as a strength. A group with members in many specialties is much stronger than a group that is limited in scope. We also need to understand that we are each representatives of the community, so if we act like an idiot in a public setting, whether it be an event or online, we will be regarded as idiots by the public.

At the LEGO Collector's Party in New York, I was one of about 50 people who came - and there were people from other websites, such as Action Figure Times and Toymania and ToyFare and BZPower...the only group that was LEGO-oriented was the BZPower staff. It was interesting to see people collect in their own groups and hang out - since I was a lone wolf, I was to myself from time to time, but also spent some time chatting with Sean Kenney and Nathan Sawaya (LEGO Certified Professionals). I also chatted with LEGO staff on some things - chatting with the Star Wars designer and also Licensing person. For me, it was a really good productive, friendly time...but I couldn't help but what wonder what the others got out of it, as some of the overheard conversation I got was about "Buffy action figures," for example, and there was only a little discussion about the LEGO sets outside of the Falcon.

Me? I got:

a committment for an interview with the Star Wars LEGO designer in a future issue of BrickJournal, some hints about possible future licensing (no Adam West Baman stuff - rats!!!!), some great chatting time with Sean and Nathan, not to mention Steve Witt and some other LEGO staff, and a visit to Sean's LEGO studio.

Not bad for a night:-)

But anyways back to the community - here's a thought we should keep in mind by one of the people I wish I could meet:

"Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings." - Walt Disney

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