Monday, February 5, 2007

LEGO Palooza Day 2 and Wrapup: Or WOW! What fun!

Okay, I'm exhausted.

Been a busy day....

This the 'coast' day of the event, so all I am supposed to do is relax and have some fun and go around and see all the displays.

That didn't happen. I had fun, but I also was busy with my area.

I had 2 NXTs set up as spy robots from Philo's plans and programs - and a third was built on the spot by some boys who dropped by with their father for both days. Since I didn't have another ball on hand (I forgot it), they just put runners in its place. And Huey, Lewey and Dewey were busy playing 'keep away' from the kids at the edge of the tables.

I ended up learning that most of the time, two can run unless there are less than four people at the table. Three can run when the table is full. I also learned that once one falls off the table, at least one other will go down within the next five minutes, so when  one does go, make sure that only one is still running to allow repair - there was one instance when all three were in repair (and that was because some people backed away from the bots!).

This was the general reaction, though:

I got a LOT of questions about the NXT today - and it was really a lot of fun watching everyone interacting with the bots (and the bots were interacting with each other too)

This is when we had 3 fired up and going! That was....frantic. But fun! Everyone had a lot of fun waving the bots away and just watching.

Because of this, though I couldn't walk around like I'm used to - but I did get some pix:

Joe E. at the town layout

Jennifer Joy Poole at her Harry Potter display

Taylor Poole at his Batman display

Cyndi Bradham at her castle display

Carin and Jane Proctor at their retro town layout

Mike Walsh at the train layout

Other people not pictured who participated included Gupreet Jawa, Ian Brusso, Sabrina and Signe Gravatt, Gareth Bowler, and David Winegar.

Also thanks Karen Kornegay and the staff of Morehead Plaetarium for giving us the chance to display and play for the weekedn - it was great!

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