Monday, February 12, 2007

More pics....

Here's some more pics from the event - I will be slowly going through these because I need to keep some for BrickJournal 7!

The MTT set, due out in summer has a really

The model itself is pretty big, and if you want new brown in quantity, this is a good start!

For the Castle people, this is from teh new Harry Potter castle and will be showing up in the Castle line...the skeleton horse. It's one piece without the wings. There are studs for attaching wings, harnesses, things like that.

More Falcon pics...a 'beauty' shot after unveiling

Under the upper turret, you can see a little of the construction needed to hold this ship together - Technic pins and beams are locked into place. This also means that there isn't an interior

And here's what the bottom looks like. The hatch retracts into the ship, but the landing gear does not. 

More later!

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